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The key process is to do surface layer in investment casting

Doing surface Layer  is the most key process to silica sol investment casting technology,we damand the worker shoudl be family with the operation. Usually we do four layers . We can not allow  transition layer and surface layer divide from each other ,which will cause warpe and crack .  Acturally we are seriously when choose the material ,such as sand powder size and the quality of silica sol and slurry etc which can also cause ware and crack not only becuase of worker.   So we often call our purchaser to check batch material seriously  and the worker who operate  it should care more .

shell mold surface and transition layer delaminate has a serious adverse effect on the quality of shell mold, even scrap cause warpe and  crack in investment casting technology 
Delamination has a serious adverse effect on the quality of shell mold, even scrap
The reason as follows :
1, the particle size of sand powder is not suitable or the quality is not good.
2、The quality of silica sol.
3、Slurry viscosity or powder liqui rate is too low.
4、Before the second layers of paint are not fully pre wetting or surface layer floating sand cleaning is not clean
5、The temperature and humidity of shell workshop  fluctuation too big or  unreasonalble.
6、Control of drying time.
7、Wetting agent amount is too small.