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Zhaoqing OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd

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Yongan Industrial Park,Dinghu district Zhaoqing City,Guangdong Province,China

China casting foundry with one goal in mind

    China casting foundry  with one goal in mind: your satisfaction
To many industry outsourcing low-cost components can provide the greatest savings.        
Investment casting is a manufacturing process used to create a variety of components.
Investment Casting produces “near net shape,” saving material and removing unnecessary machining operations. Some components can be combined into a single casting, thus avoiding extensive assembly or welding.
We OLYM offering customers the ability to order high quality components using lost wax casting manufacturing processes at a greatly reduced price.
 As a professional and strong sense of responsibilityand precision casting factory provide casting expertise to customers that are looking to stabilize and reduce manufacturing costs. 
Such as automotive industry :
Investment or Lost Wax casting associated with high volume motor industry parts and automotive parts generally made without secondary operations after casting   
We can make safety stock for customers  for an entire year. 
auto parts automobile parts casting
Undertake OEM investment casting parts  ,our factory has extensive experience maintaining quality levels of casting parts .
We are always innovating and trying new ways ,now  we have already introduction new automatic system-MOTOMAN.What we do these is to strive to high quality  castings and reduce cost .
With one goal in mind: your satisfaction
investment casting machine
Make us part of your supply chain, our team of engineers  will work closely with you to enhance your competitive position in the market. 
Feel free to drop me an Email or let me know if you require our services at anytime