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high quality OEM  precision investment casting steel casting decorate accessories

High-quality bicycle accessories foot pegs pedals pillar

High-quality bicycle accessories foot pegs pedals pillar with material carbon stainless steel produced by OLYM foundry. We sell custom casting parts around the globe.
High-quality bicycle accessories foot pegs pedals pillar with material carbon stainless steel produced by OLYM foundry.
From kids to adult ,everyone should have a bike  whatever common bicycle or mountain bike or motorbike  or other kinds of bike. Because of a great deal of need with bicycle ,so also maybe some manufacturer who produced bicycle , some merchant who need import or export bicycle accessories  need to purchase bike parts with alloy casting process , carbon steel casting process ,investment casting process such as cast engineering pedals,bicycle spare parts,engine parts, motorbike accessories ,mountain bike accessories mainly for footrest ,lock, bracket,fork ,hub and other spare parts cast .
The structure of bicycle for bicycle parts and accessories:
High-quality bicycle accessories foot pegs pedals pillar
We,OLYM foundry made bicycle spare parts-cast engineering pedals by lost foam casting process, according to customer’s demand , not only supply material report ,size report but also supply hardness test report by cutting them and impact test.
About our packing,in general is inner packing bubble bags and outer packing is carton. but some times we need change the way of packing according to the products.We should not only satisfy our customers on quality, but also on packing.
High-quality bicycle accessories foot pegs pedals pillar

Investment Casting for a Wide Variety of Applications
We OLYM Precision investment casting services cover the entire investment casting process, from concept to completion. Our management team routinely works with customers early in the design stages on projects, providing our expert casting and machining advice to ensure parts are designed for manufacturability. The outcome is a part that performs to the standards our customers require and is produced as cost effectively as possible.
Steel casting service application in Construction Industry, Marine Industry,Pumps and Valves,Medical Market,Food Processing,Energy Market(Oil&Gas),transportation industries.auto industry etc refer to precision machined parts ,auto parts and accessories,engine parts ,Marine Hardware Fittings, production castings,lost foam casting,spare parts cast,hardware Components,engineering components,Food machinery parts ,Steel Investment Casting, metal precision parts and so on .
Investment casting is known for the elimination of certain secondary processes making it a more cost efficient production method. However, some projects require additional finishing or value added service to meet customer specifications.
 OLYM provides many different services to see your project to completion including:machining,Chrome Plating ,heat Treatment, Zinc Plating,Electroplating,Polishing,Surface treatment , Grinding,Milling,Drilling,Light Assembly, Packaging
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